Runners are required to wear uniforms at all events including meets, races, or other Hurricane's events. Uniforms will be given out prior to events or meets. There is a $20.00 deposit required, which will be returned when the uniform is handed in. Uniforms, including shirt, shorts (boys only), and sweatshirts must be returned upon termination of membership. Lost uniforms result in loss of the deposit. Runners wishing to keep the sweatshirts may do so upon payment of $40 to the Club.


Attendance: Practices will be held starting from the dirt parking lot adjacent to the MVRHS track facility on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 4:00-5:00pm. It is not required that athletes attend all practices, but the best results will come to those who attend most regularly. Additionally, prizes will be awarded at the end of the season to those athletes who have the best attendance! For planning purposes, please email:mvmiddleschoolxcountry@gmail.com or text (508-612-7015 or 508-496-0939) to let us know if a runner will not be attending.

Format: Practices will vary from week to week, with each practice focusing on a specific aspect of running and running fitness; however, all practices will follow a general format: a brief warm-up consisting of dynamic and static stretches; moderate paced running; strengthening exercises (e.g. pushups, crunches, etc.); and a specific speed or endurance based run (e.g. intervals, a time trial, etc.). 

Weather: Running is an outdoor, all-weather activity; as such, the Hurricanes practice rain or shine! Athletes are encouraged to dress appropriately for the conditions, this means plan according to the conditions and dress in layers.

Rules: We expect our runners to come prepared and willing to run. If a student isn’t feeling well, they should stay at home to recover so that they can run in the next class. We expect our runners to treat each other and the coaches with respect and dignity, and to follow all directions and guidelines of the coaches. Fighting, arguing, pushing, shoving, profanity or other disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the student sitting out for all or a part of the session.

Training for New Runners

Athletes who are new to running, or those who prefer to run shorter distances, will focus on developing the basic techniques and fitness required of running and racing. Practices for these runners will focus on the development of correct running form, proper health/injury prevention habits, and increasing general fitness. Throughout the six weeks of the program, these runners will seek to improve their cardiovascular fitness, or maintain fitness developed by other sports. This group of runners will primarily run distances of 1-2.5 miles during most workouts and will gradually increase the difficulty and length of their sessions.

5K and High School Development Training

Experienced athletes, those seeking to run longer distances, and older athletes (7th and 8th graders) looking forward to joining the high school XC and track team will have the option of participating in a longer distance, more performance based training program. Athletes choosing this option will run longer distances (approximately 2-5 miles) during each training session with the mileage increasing by the end of the season. Those runners specifically seeking to prepare for the high school XC and track program or spring 5k’s will be given a calendar of additional suggested workouts that will help them to prepare for the increased distance of the 5k, as well as the more difficult training they will experience in high school.


Injuries resulting from running are rare and are usually minor in nature. The most common injuries are muscle strains, blisters, and then various overuse injuries. Some minor pain and discomfort are a normal part of the training process. The most common soreness occurs 24-48 hours after exercise and subsides within 72 hours. Icing the sore areas, gentle massage, and taking anti-inflammatory medications can treat this condition. As levels of fitness increase, instances of soreness will reduce. Athletes are encouraged to communicate any discomforts or injuries to the coaches immediately so that action can be taken and parents informed. Persistent aches and pains that do not go away after a few days rest may require a visit to a doctor to diagnose and treat the problem.